Faces of CDK

The Faces of CDK Global

Prototyping a responsive site

A family of companies was rebranding itself as CDK Global, and one of the tasks for my team was to create an internal promotional site around the rebranding, including an employee showcase. Employees would register with a photo and be able to explore the people that made up the company.

The Faces of CDK Global

My Roles

  • Created a prototype of interactive elements of the site
  • Conducted brief usability tests

  • Determined site structure and navigation scheme
  • Tested site builds and tracked bugs

  • Designed promotional and transactional emails


Searching and Browsing

We originally envisioned pages where you could browse employees by groups such as location and job title, but that was cut from the scope. I proposed enabling browsing through the search functionality. The “search” would merely be a filter for a list of employees and would go across name, location, and job title, providing a method for “browsing” these values.


Building Participation

We needed employees to register and provide a photo. I created a streamlined registration prototype and tested it with a few people around the office.


The most complex aspect of the site was handling various states such as whether the user was logged in or had been validated, so I mapped out the different flows the user could take.