A Few Good (Experience) Games

Boys with Hoops

Want to spend a few minutes playing a free online game but tired of ones that blow? Try one or more from the carefully curated list at Good Experience Games.  Mark Hurst, partner in customer experience consultancy Creative Good and author of information overload life preserver Bit Literacy, has been assembling this list for almost five years—games that in his opinion, you guessed it, offer an especially “good experience”.

I recommend a couple of the latest additions.  Sushi Cat is cute and satisfying (and hopefully spayed, given how it reminds me of Bob Barker.  Ahhh, Plinko.)  This Is The Only Level is one bit of cleverness after the next, hidden beneath a minimalist facade.  (It really is the only level.)

He’s also recently added an iPhone game section, including my long-time favorite, Boggle uhhh…Quordy.

So head on over and check out these and some of his other selections, as well as a good UX blog and several other projects he has going on. Just don’t come back complaining if you descend too long into a vortex of well-designed giddiness.

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