The creative power of being a nub

Drawing of Nubcake, who is excited to be a nub

A big thing with my daughters and their friends recently is calling themselves and others a “nub”, (rhymes with “tub”). This is their own version of being a “noob” or “n00b” or newbie. Except for these 8-10 year old girls, being a nub isn’t a bad thing. It’s usually just a thing. It’s neutral. Being a nub just means you’re new at something. Sure, you might not be very good at it, and you might need help, but hey, you’re trying something new. Good for you. Continuing on that line, sometimes being a nub, like in the drawing above, is something to celebrate.
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A recovering perfectionist

perfectly aligned desserts

I describe myself as a recovering perfectionist. As I’m working on something, there are always aspects—always—that don’t seem quite right, don’t seem complete, don’t seem good enough. I just need to put a little more time into them: try some other approaches, do a little more research, refine some wording or design, or maybe completely rethink where I’m coming from on it, etc., etc. If I just do a little more, then the result will be so much better, will be “right”, will be something I can be proud of. But doing more rarely makes that nagging feeling of inadequacy go away. “I could have done better,” is a constant background refrain in my head.

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