The 3 Rules of Prototype Fidelity

I gave a presentation with a colleague at last year’s Web 2.0 Expo in New York on Prototype Fidelity. The first of two main points of our presentation was The 3 Rules of Prototype Fidelity. These are rules I came up with to help you find a good level of fidelity to use when creating a prototype. The second main point of our presentation, which I’ll go into in a later post, was to show different types of fidelity, or “Facets of Fidelity” if you want a nice buzzterm.

The 3 Rules of Prototype Fidelity in their most basic form are

  1. Make it
  2. Leave things out
  3. Throw it away

Now there’s a little more to these rules, but that sums up the basic points. Let’s go into a little more detail. Read more